Hi there…

I’m Shelley McCarl, a wandering, mostly-landscape-currently,  oil painter.

In my previous life, my husband and I, and kids, lived in Boise, Idaho, where I taught art to children and adults.  As much as we enjoyed Boise, we also wanted to experience life in other places, and find a new home that wasn’t in the desert (which Boise is, for anyone unfamiliar with the area!).

So, in 2016, we sold our home of 20 years, packed up the things we felt we couldn’t part with and put it all in storage, and bought a small trailer.  I brought along enough supplies to paint the landscapes that we passed through–oil paint and drawing materials, but sadly, no pastels.  They are so darn fragile, so heavy, and I needed so many colors that we’d have needed another trailer just for them!

We’ve been in some really breathtaking places, from the rainforests in the Olympic Peninsula and Vancouver Island, to the Rocky Mountains in Montana and B.C./Alberta, to the (very, very, very long) flat plains of Saskatchewan and North Dakota, to the Great North Woods around Minnesota, Michigan, and Ontario Canada…and ended up, for the past two winters, in Northwestern Montana.

I wrote a very brief blog post (should be up there along the top somewhere) to begin a chronicle of that journey.  I also plan to write Deep Thoughts About Art in that, and tips for painting; I’ll also have photos of the areas we visited and images of the landscapes I painted.

I also plan to set up an auction on this site eventually, if I can figure things out.  In fact, I imagine I’ll have a few choice words about the frustrations that a right-brained, ADD, not-spring-chicken artist encounters while trying to do this online stuff.  So stay tuned, and hopefully this site will evolve over the next few months!

If anyone really wants to look at a resume or list of shows/awards or artist’s statement, I’d be happy to email it.  I tend to skip over that kind of thing on other sites, so I figure it might bore other people, too!

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